A little squirrely

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Aug 252015

Last night (or I guess that was morning) my cat Keebler woke me up at 5:30 am to be fed. You know that cat thing they do – first they walk on you then meow a little then lick you then start kneading you with their claws. So I gave up and got up. Then Walden, the lab/golden mix, wanted out. So I let him out but didn’t turn on any outside lights. I noticed a “bump” on the side of our bird feeder. So I turned on the porch light and there was a little flying squirrel just looking at me. So I walked out on the porch and talked to him. He just watched me and listened. Finally I decided to see how close I could get and he flew away. They are so amazingly cute and amazing.  No I didn’t get a picture but wanted to post one anyway. Picture by US Fish and Wildlife Service.



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Aug 272014

This summer in Oklahoma we had a colony of praying mantises living on the screen of our screened-in porch. This one is most likely the common “preying mantis”. This one was twice as big as the others with a larger abdomen. It appears to be the female with at least 4 males in the same general area. As of the time I left, none had been eaten by the other.

Taxonomy:mantis 1smaller
 Kingdom: Animalia
 Phylum: Arthropoda
 Class: Insecta
 Order: Mantodea
 Family: Mantidae
 Genus: Mantis
 Species: religiosa


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UFO’s on my roof

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Sep 092013

When I was in 8th grade we had just moved to North Dakota where we lived about 15 miles north of Minot on the Air Force base. We had a split-level house and my bedroom window opened out to the flat garage roof.  One night I was having a vivid dream about UFO’s landing on the garage roof. It seemed so real it woke me up just as the aliens began getting out of the flying saucer. I opened my eyes and suddenly noticed that there really WAS green light coming in from outside and it was flashing. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all. I laid there for a minute debating whether or not to go to the window to see the aliens. Being the curious, science-geeky type, I decided to sneak up and peek.

WOW – there were flashing green lights for sure! Everywhere in the sky! It was the first time I ever saw the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). I quickly woke up the family and we stood outside in the cold in our pj’s, robes and slippers watching the sky dance. No aliens (darn) but it was amazing nonetheless. I was going to put up a picture but then that would give it away. 🙂


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Celebration #1

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Sep 032013

Every semester I have my Life Science for Educator students write celebrations – one from the past and one from the current semester – after reading Byrd Baylor’s I’m in Charge of Celebrations. It is one of my two or three favorite books in the whole world. It’s supposedly a children’s book but I think it’s an everyone book. Anyway, I felt I should start recording my celebrations. I think I’ll begin with one of the first – the windy, stormy night.

I was about 3 or 4 years old and at my grandmother’s house in St. Louis, Oklahoma. St. Louis is one of those towns with one corner with a flashing light. My grandparents owned THE store – right on THE corner. Anyway, it was a stormy night. I was in the front bedroom right off the living room. If you are familiar with old houses you will understand the concept of the front bedroom, back bedroom and, if it’s a big house, the middle bedroom. I could hear my mom and grandparents talking in the living room. I’m assuming this was when my dad was overseas in Japan. Anyway, the windows had those 2 inch metal Venetian blinds on them and the windows weren’t very well sealed. Or maybe the window was open a crack – I’m not sure. Anyway, the wind was blowing hard and there was lightning and thunder outside. The blinds were shaking in the wind making a lot of noise. I think it must have been fall because I heard rustling leaves too. I was in the big bed under a bunch of quilts – probably those my great-grandmother made – and I felt so safe and secure even with the storm raging outside.

A Stormy Day byJohn Francis Murphy

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This domain is MINE!

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Dec 182012

I was mentioning how my catchphrase “Crayfish Gone Wild” is showing up in a couple other places. And Kevin said I should have gotten the URL. So I went and looked and no one had it. For those of you who found this via a search engine, for now you can get the blog at http://drclowe.blogspot.com. Soon everything will be moved here.

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Dec 152012

FacebookTiny Peacock spider 

This is such a beautiful tiny spider (that’s a fingernail on the left). I can’t see how even spider haters couldn’t love the way this little guy looks.

Credit: Jurgen Ott

Octavious Pickard-Cambridge noted in his original description that “it is difficult to describe adequately the great beauty of the colouring of this spider”.

The red, blue and black colored males have flap-like extensions of the abdomen with white hairs that can be folded down. They are used for display during mating: the male raises his abdomen, then expands and raises the flaps so that the abdomen forms a white-fringed, circular field of color. The species, and indeed the whole genus Maratus have been compared to peacocks in this respect. The third pair of legs is also raised for display, showing a brush of black hairs and white tips. While approaching the female, the male will vibrate his abdomen while waving raised legs and tail, and dance from side to side.

Both sexes reach about 5 mm in body length. Females and immatures of both sexes are brown but have colour patterns by which they can be distinguished from related species

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Hey there – where’s my suet???

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Dec 032012

This afternoon I heard a fussing noise on the front porch. It didn’t sound like a squirrel and it sure wasn’t a chickadee or a chipmunk. So I went and peaked out. There was a pileated woodpecker standing on the railing making all kinds of racket – not the usual jungle-bird call they make – but a really fussy fuss. Then it hopped up the post, looked at the window, pounded on the post, looked again and pounded again. I understood perfectly. The suet container that we fill throughout the winter was empty and he was letting us know. I didn’t get a chance to get a picture this time. However, the suet is now filled.

Pileated woodpeckers are very large birds and are very gregarious (you can tell from the story above). They are common in the Upper Peninsula and are responsible for the square holes on trees. 

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